table of counter mesures

At the times of the earthquake disasters, serious damage such as falling of books and collapsing bookshelves have been reported in the library.
We propose earthquake countermeasures not only to minimize the damage caused by earthquakes but also to reduce the restoration work after the earthquake.


KONGO’s earthquake countermeasure policy


  • Securing people's safety

  • Secure evacuation route

  • Conservation of stored items

  • Reduction of restoration cost



slant slide shelf board

sliding tilted shelf board

Shelf board are slid and tilted by an earthquake and prevent the drop pf the books.

Base isolation shelving system

Base isolation of shelving unit

By attaching the seismic isolation unit to the bookshelf structure, it can absorb the shaking of the earthquake.


What we learned from this disasters

kumamoto earthquake
Earthquakes occur frequently in Japan. In the past decade, we experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016, the Osaka and the Hokkaido earthquakes in 2018 and a number of smaller earthquakes.
 Since we are headquartered in Kumamoto, we also experienced the power of that. The factory was affected and our employees' lifeline was cut for several months.
 KONGO has been working on earthquake countermeasures since the 1970s and has proven its high isolation technology even in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995 and also in recent earthquakes.
However, by actually experiencing for ourselves, we once again recognized the importance of concentrating human wisdom about daily preparations and unpredictable things. Therefore, after the Kumamoto earthquake, we visited the library in Kumamoto prefecture and interviewed the staff. Here are some excerpt from that interview.
 It would be appreciated if this helped a little for future prevention measures.