base isolation shelving

Protecting people and books from earthquakes!

Safe and reliable seismic isolation shelves that have undergone years of seismic testing and verification.

It absorbs quake, and reduces fall and collapse of bookshelf, and fall of books.


  • High Level of Isolation: Assumption of Kobe quake. Lock is released with Japanese intensity 5 lower.

  • Comfortable Space without Beam

  • Depth Direction: Seismic Isolation

  • Width Direction: Quake Resistant

base isolation unit

Quake Test


Generally, quake resistant bookshelf is adopted as anti quake measures. It resists the quake (energy) by the reinforced shelving structure. 

As a result of test, quake resistant bookshelf was not collapsed. However, beam was bent, floor fixation is removed, and books fallen. 
Seismic Isolation Bookshelf does not counter the quake, but absorbs a quake energy. 
As a result of test, it reduced collapse of bookshelf and fall of books.
quake resistance test

Quake Resistant Bookshelf

quake resistance test

Seismic Isolation Bookshelf


Damage situation

damage situation

damage situation