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  • Large Capacity and Simple Operation
    Maximum storage capacity within the smallest shelf size. 
    Operate just as opening sliding door at your home.

  • Much faster than usual!
    Without feeling a waiting time you can touch the storage instantly.

  • Complete Safety 
    Seismic Isolation System / Operation switch / Aisle Sensors / Area sensor

  • Forefront Concept 
    Universal Design 
    Environmental Friendly

Area sensor


Area Sensor keeps detecting aisle area.
When the aisle becomes free, lock is released automatically.
Area Sensor detects in real time. It is safe even after the power failure or power reset.

Auto Power On Off


Cut back on standby energy and save maximum amount of electricity.

Job Reference

Rikkyo University/ Saint Paul's University ( TOKYO, JAPAN ) Jissen Woman's University ( TOKYO, JAPAN ) Takushoku University ( TOKYO, JAPAN ) Mejiro Kenshin Junior High School and Senior High School ( TOKYO, JAPAN ) Japan Woman's College of Physical Education ( TOKYO, JAPAN ) Musashino Art University Museum ( TOKYO, JAPAN) Tenri Hospital ( NARA, JAPAN ) Kaohsiung Public Library ( Kaohsiung, Taiwan )