WORKING TOGETHER with shelving

  • Operation suitable for intuition
    Because the shelving can be operated with an ergonomic opening and closing sensation, high safety is realized. 
    Operate just as opening sliding door at your home.

  • Much faster than usual!
    Realized fast opening and closing speed with advanced control technology
    Without feeling a waiting time you can touch the storage instantly.

  • Suitable for frequently used situations
    It can be used in multiple aisles when useing by multiple people at the same time.

  • Complete Safety 
    When a person enters the shelving aisle, the sensor detects it and an interlock is activated.
    A large carriage safety bar with high visibility is provided on both sides of the movable shelving.

  • Design
    This product was collaborated with a Danish designer and got 2001-2002 Good Design Award Gold Award
    The large operation switch has good visibility and enables intuitive operation.
    The operation switch blinks during use, and lights up when there is an error.

Job Reference

hpzs_20170427162534052.jpg img20170427162717515344.jpg img20170427160824028592.jpg hpzs.png hpzs.png hpzs_20170427162401818.jpg img20170427162437644331.jpg img20170121160557863164.jpg




Back Stop

To use so that sotrage material does not protrude from the back


Falling Prevention Bar

Rotary type 5, 13.8  


Falling Prevention Belt

There is a buckle on the belt, and remove and use the buckle when putting things in and out.


Falling Prevention Bar

Insert type


Falling Prevention Chain



Side Bar

To use so that sotrage material does not protrude from the sides



Upper anti tipping device

Used to prevent falls in the case of tall shelves


Upright Safety bar

It is usually stored in the upright.
It is possible to secure a safe space in the aisle by knocking it down when working in the aisle.


Entery prevention chain

A chain that prevents people from entering if there is space behind the shelves


Shelf board safety bar

If there is a movable shelving at the end of the block, attach it to ensure user safety.


Dual locking system

Press the left and right operation switches to unlock. By the double operation, the user will inevitably visually check the shelf aisle, leading to improved safety.
When installing HPZS in open space, either "area sensor system" or "dual lock release mechanism" is required.

Area sensor


The area sensor detects users in the aisle and interlocks shelvings, and automatically unlocks when the users go out of the aisle. The ease of use immediately available to the following users is ideal for an unspecified number of users.



Movable divider

It can be slid by attaching to the shelf board.


Book Support

It can be slide by attaching to the back of shelf board.  

Slit type divider

Insert into the slit on the upper and lower shelf boards.

Fixed divider


Pipe type divider

Insert into the slits on the upper and lower shelf boards. The rounded edges make it easy on fingers when putting books in and out.  

Slide box

Two rows of storage space are provided at the depth direction of the shelf to increase storage efficiency.
The box on the front slides, so you can easily store and retrieve items in the back.

Roll out shelf board

Attachment a sliding board under the shelf.

Hanger Pipe


Shelf board set

Shelf board 1 pc + Bracket 2 pcs

Perforated shelf board

Has the effect of improving air circulation

Gap cover

Used to close gaps between shelves

Card holder with magnet

Size: A5
Because it is a magnet type, it can be easily attached anywhere

Rear Panel

Reduces dust intrusion

Back Panel

When the movable shelf is closed, it prevents from retrieving stored items from the back and helps to reduces the intrusion of dust.

Side Panel

Divider every bay


Installed in the middle of a double faced shelving

With Filing Cabinet


With Micro Film Rack

High-density storage using double-decker electric shelving

Stainless Steel Rack

Chemical and corrosion resistant


The shelf can be moved by attaching this tool to the drive part during a power failure



Both Side Operation

When the moving shelf is placed in the middle of the room, it can be operated from both sides.


Passage width limit

In the case of multiple aisles, limiting the width of the aisle will always ensure space for multiple aisles.
Aisle width shall be 1500 mm or less.


Automatic closing system

Move the entire shelf to the left or right and close it.
Security can be improved.


Air circulation mode

Automatically opens shelves at regular intervals to improve air circulation.
In addition, because the shelves are set at equal intervals, a quick passage can be formed.


Movable / fixed conversion mechanism

It can be used as a fixed shelf at normal times and can be used as a movable shelf when needed.

Auto power on off


When you hold your hand over the operation switch, the detection sensor instantly detects and turns on the power. When the work is over and the interlock is released, the power will be turned off after the set time has elapsed and the device will go into sleep mode.
Standby power can be greatly reduced.



Light up the aisle when working inside the shelves



Specified color finish

Create a own space with a specific color that matches the interior


Decorative sheeting finish

Create a own space with a specific finishing that matches the interior

Wood-grain paint finish

Paint on steel panels with woodgrain
You can express woodgrain at a lower price than wood panels.

Acrylic panel finish

Applying an acrylic panel to the top of the front panel not only makes the stored items visible, but also creating a spacious space.

Glued wood panel finish

Matches wood space

Perforated panel finish

The front panel are perforated to improve air circulation and create an accented design.